Collecting Raw Data for Spatial Analysis, Surveys, Inspections and Marketing

Drone Professional Services


Aerial Surveying and Mapping by UAS (Drone)

Monitor project progression through every stage with orthomosaic imagery. Maintain current conditions throughout the project life cycle.

· Urban Planning

· Pre-Construction/Construction

· Agriculture

· Environmental Management

· Marketing


Volumetric Analysis

Collect accurate volumetric analysis of terrain, movement or removal of materials

Track excavation changes over time

· Accurate haul-off data

· Stockpile Management



Some assets require shutdown for safe human inspection. Minimize the need for operational shutdown and keep your team usage by utilizing drone inspections. 

Analyze photos, videos or 2D/3D orthomosaic imagery to help make safe and cost-effective decisions.

· Roofing / storm damage

· Pipeline integrity


In-house GIS Raw Data Processing

We don’t just fly and collect data, our team also processes the data captured to deliver the most valuable tools to you.


Our End-to-end solutions save you time, money, and enable you to make more effective decisions.


Our commercial pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified