We would like to welcome you to WCTI

GIS - Geographic Information System Mapping Technology

WCTI began more than a decade ago as a team of GIS Specialists in collecting, managing, reporting, plotting, diagramming and analyzing GIS Data. We have been at the forefront of the GIS industry with our expert staff utilizing main stream industry software such as ArcGIS, GEO Storage and Geo Mapping Solutions.

Technology Solutions and Services

With an an engineering background and a proven set of strategies we found it to not only be a natural transition, but also a highly successful transition in migrating into other technical areas; such as programming, database design, development and architecture.  Our experience and background has become a match in delivering technology solutions through proven engineering concepts.  Trusted proven and long term results that are true services and solutions to the business.

UAS Certified 'Drone' Services 

In combination we have merged two industries of GIS and its inherent specialty work of data integration into a newer market of UAS Services (i.e. Drone Services). Our expertise in GIS an GIS Data combined with our Certified Drone Services allows us to gather new and improved data far beyond yesterdays tools.  

Drone vs. Drone 

Let us take a moment to explain our drone services vs. those offered by many others. There are those that fly a route or a given area and return photos and videos to you as the customer and in some sense this is considered a service.  Our UAS (Drone) certified services far exceed such limited results.  The drone and its features are very important and a welcomed extension to the data collection process, however our results are not limited to a set of videos or pictures. We import the data collected into extremely sophisticated software. Our data is also geo-corrected to ground data points within a centimeter of accuracy.  In turn, our customers require extended result sets and mapping such as drought visualizations, land contours, risk assessment and calculated forestry metrics.  

Thank you for visiting our site, we are extremely proud of our history and even more excited about our future.

Areas of Expertise

GIS Engineering

Decades of experience in GIS software and data services.

Technology Services

Consulting, Programming, Data Management, Cloud hosting.

Drone Services

UAS certified drone services that capture and analyze data to meet the needs of top industries.